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Tracklinking Studios

Premium Audio Productions for Pop and Rock Music

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Full Production

We are happy to manage your Production from the beginning on. From recording to mixing and mastering, we can offer you the best experience.

We can book a comfortable room with breakfast if needed. Just across the street.


With years of experience in mixing music, our main goal is that the individual tracks of the song merge perfectly, without losing their individuality and presence.

Our Livestream-Mixing service makes it easy for you to be at home and shape this important production step with us.  


Mastering is the final step in any production.

We will give your music the necessary finish, so that it translates well on every kind of speaker system.


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Paul Kastler and his team love to produce and sponsor music that is authentic and individual.

Besides the technical service, which operates at an absolute top-level, we are eager that our artists have enough space for their creativity. 

We always make our highest efforts that this space is given on a mental and physical level.


There are about 120 square meters, with two recording rooms and a kitchen available for you to feel free for what matters most.

Get YOUR Music OUT there!


Requests are absolutely not binding. So feel free to contact us for whatever it is you want to know about our services. Just fill out the form below or contact us directly with an email.